Ipod Docking Stations

Ipods are portable players that were created by Apple Inc. and released in November of 2001. The iPod line includes the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and the iPod Shuffle. All of these devices can store our favorite music and videos, and other media files such as games on the new and improves iPod Touch. The storage capacity for these medial players can range from 2 GB to 160 GB for the iPod Classic.

To get even more out of your iPod, a great thing to own is an iPod Docking station. With an iPod docking station you can listen to your favorite music anywhere you want on loud speakers.

At our website, AllDockingStations, you will find a large selection of iPod Docking Stations that will fit your iPod and your budget. Some popular iPod Docking Stations that we carry include brands such as; Speakal, GSI, iHome, Sony, Philips, Pioneer, Cyber Acoustics, iLive and many more! Speakal has created a few creative and fun docking stations such as the iPanda 21 Stereo iPod Docking Station, the iBoo 21 and the iPig 21 which can make a great gift for your funky friends or younger teens.

If you want more than just a charger and speakers out of your docking station, look for docking stations that have an AM/FM radio, mountable speakers, and a CD player. Another thing to look for in a docking station is if it can be carried around and uses batteries. Browse through our site now and you will find these varieties of docking stations and much more at our easy and convenient website.